Thursday, March 10, 2016

Zootopia Review

At the beginning of the preview for this movie a few months ago I thought, "Oh jeez, another animal movie." But the clip they showed in the preview was funny, and new. I was pleasantly surprised. about a month later I was in Disney World where there was the hidden treasure of a sneak preview of the movie in Magic Kingdom. It featured the same scene in the first one I saw, and so much more. I could already tell I wanted to see this movie. The music was awesome and the humor was witty, but what really got me about this movie was the animation. It was simply beautiful. (It looks better on screen trust me.)

I mean look at this landscape. It put me in a state of awe. It got my imagination flowing and not just the landscapes were great, so were the tiny details. Sometimes I look at this picture and the details are so on point that I forget it's a mole that's sitting in this chair as a mock up of the Godfather.

I got to see this movie with amazing friends down in Disney and I loved it.

***Minor Spoilers***
Zootopia is a movie about an evolved animal habitat. They can speak and coexist without having to eat each other or hide. One thing that hasn't changed much is the stereotypes of some animals. Bunnies for instance only seem to run carrot farms and that's all. There has never been a bunny cop ever, until Judy Hopps. She is a bunny police officer that intends on changing the world and with the help of her Fox friend Nick (keep in mind that Foxes in our world would normally eat bunnies, but in this futuristic utopia they are friends) she really thought she had done it. In reality, she made things worse, until she figured out what she did wrong and really did help change the world in a good way.

Directed by Byron Howard, Rich Moore, and Jared Bush, who also wrote the screenplay, this movie couldn't have been more perfectly laid out. It will fill your heart with childlike joy when you watch this movie and that is the best kind of joy. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Bateman voice the two main characters that steal your heart and they make a great team.

This movie is computer animated and though I miss the old way of doing things, I don't think you have captured such a majestic city with anything else. There's a certain sparkle behind it. The music was perfect and featured a new song by Shakira called "Try Everything". I love this song. It's empowering and awesome and it really helped to set the stage for the magnificent city of Zootopia. The motto of this city is, "Anyone can be anything". Perfect.

As you can tell I loved this movie. I think that Disney is headed in for a brand new golden age, not that they ever really disappoint, but my hope is renewed every time I walk into the theater to watch a Walt Disney Production. I give this movie and five star rating. Well done Disney Productions, well done.