Sunday, April 3, 2016

4 Parks 1 Day Cont.

I wrote earlier about my plan for doing all four parks in one day. I had said that I only planned on doing the things I really really loved and that I would narrow each park down to three attractions.
My goals were:

  1. Animal Kingdom
    • Dinosaur
    • Expedition Everest (Look at this awesomeness>>>>>>)
  2. Hollywood Studios
    • Tower of Terror
    • Rock n'Roller Coaster
    • The Great Movie Ride
  3. Epcot
    • Test Track
    • Mission Space
    • Spaceship Earth
  4. Magic Kingdom
    • Splash Mountain
    • Peter Pan
    • Thunder Mountain
    • Space Mountain

I did all of that and more. I had enough time in each park to take my time. I got to walk around and see the tigers at Animal Kingdom, streets of U.S.A at Hollywood Studios, the world showcase at Epcot (including a pit stop in Japan for sushi and a beer), and I got to do so much more in Magic Kingdom then I ever thought. And I thought all the transportation I would have to take would take a lot longer than they did. It was a pleasant surprise.

As you probably remember, I had two paper fast passes for anything in Magic Kingdom. I ended up just waiting in line for Tower of Terror at Hollywood studios and I decided not to do star tours so when I left there I canceled all of those fast passes because I only used the Rock n' Roller Coaster one and then I looked for ones in Magic Kingdom. I some how magically got Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, and Peter Pan so I used the two paper fast passes for Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. Then I waited in line for Buzz Light-year, Astro Orbiter, and Stitches Great Escape. I got all the pictures of my rides on photo pass.

I even got Dole Whip and sat under the Liberty tree. the liberty tree at night is my favorite spot in the whole park. I just love it. I had a great day, I talked to great people and I got to do whatever I wanted. It was awesome! I totally recommend it! Here are pictures of my day!

I got these pins at every park to commemorate this occasion.