Friday, July 1, 2016

Traveling by Air

Being in a city that is a solid 8 hours away from home for six months, the most logical way to make it home for a weekend is to fly. Flying doesn't scare, in fact I love it. I love the feeling, heights, the little peanut packets you can get, and the ginger ale. But enough with my nostalgia.

Flying is still scary even if you aren't afraid of it, especially if you have anxiety issues. I find it hard to relax before a trip and also I just get bored because you have to get there so much earlier than your flight and then what? What do I do for nearly three hours, and then another hour and half on the plane because you can't exactly use Internet.

Well I have created a distraction guide to flying for all you lovely people out there that relate to these feelings even just a little bit. Here it is:

  1. Blog- Guess where I am while I write this?
  2. Pin- Pinterest is one of my biggest distractions.
  3. Call- Call anyone and everyone you can think of.
  4. Read- I'm not much of a reader, but my brother recommends this.
  5. Find a Bar- Maybe don't get belligerent, but just relax and soak up the free wifi.
  1. Read- And don't look at your watch.
  2. Get a Snack- Eating is a guilty but good distraction.
  3. Write- The old fashioned way with paper and pen.
  4. Play a Game- That doesn't require wifi.
  5. Sleep- I hate to say it but take a sleeping pill or don't sleep the night before. Next time you wake up you'll be on the ground.
I know that these seem very "duh" of me but really sometimes people like me just need a list like this to see. I hope that this helped one of you if not all of you out there and I hope you have a sad