Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

Every birthday in our apartment, we try to get amazing gifts and gather our friends together and do something really fun. This year my birthday was on a Monday. The Saturday before, my mom came down with my brother and we celebrated. She gave me a cake, some very sweet birthday cards, and a printer. I actually asked for the printer. It wasn't a "remember your in school so be responsible" gift. It was great to see my mom because it's hard to be away from her and so far away. Part one of my birthday was a success.

Then my friends here in Auburn got me a few gifts. I got the softest pants in the world from a friend of mine who works at Loft. Then my roommates got me a Tervis water bottle and the new Harry Potter book. I am already almost done with it. Look out for my review on it. They also got me Macaroons. I love macaroons so much and they somehow imported them from France. It was way over the top and awesome and delicious.  

I also received some beautiful birthday cards from some beautiful friends. Everything was so sweet and I got have Hibachi twice in a matter of two days. It was an awesome birthday and I am so thankful to everyone who helped me celebrate! Love y'all!!