Thursday, January 26, 2017

Budget Your Life

If you're like me, you love to shop. But we all know that shopping means spending money and sometimes that leads to having no money left. This school year I have started a part time job and money has become more of a topic on my brain. I definitely need to be better about spending money and keeping money in my bank account, so here are a few tricks I am going to try to help budget my life.

1. With every paycheck, make a point to save a certain amount, but allow yourself so money to spend. Try to factor in bills and Grocery so you don't overestimate how much money you have to spend. I usually try and save at least $100.

2. Try not to eat out as much as you normally would. I know it's tempting but if you do end up going out with your friends, look to the cheaper things or try and eat before so you don't eat with them. I usually get an appetizer. This is probably the hardest one but you can still make it work.

3. When you go grocery shopping, avoid super Target and Walmart because they have a lot more that food. I know I have been dragged in to the clearance workout clothes on many occasions. Go to Kroger, which has cheaper prices than most Walmarts. Go to Publix or the Walmart neighborhood market.

4. I will write this one in all caps because it's my biggest vice when it comes to money. STAY OFF AMAZON. Just don't do it unless you really need something and even then only buy that thing.

5. Don't be afraid of drugstore make-up. I love make-up and all its glory, but all the big well-known products are so expensive but you know drugstore make-up does have it's equivalents to those big brands. You may have to buy a different brand for each part of your face but you will find your match and end up really loving it.

So far these are my biggest problems, so I hope they applied to some of you in some way. Let me know what you think in the comments below and how it works. Thanks for reading!