Thursday, January 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Dad

These past six months have been the hardest months of my life. I could list and list all of the things that have made it this way on top of the anxiety I have about it all, but the biggest and most important thing that has happened is the sudden passing of my dad in July. This has literally been the most devastating thing to happen to my family and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about him or one of the many memories that I have with him. The reason I bring this up today is because his birthday is today. On January 19th, 1957 by dad was born.

So today I want to share some pictures and talk a little bit about my dad and how much he means to me. My dad was the most loving human being I have ever met. He never said a foul word about anyone and he was always willing to help. I know these qualities seem like generic things to say about one's dad but let me give you an example. My dad was a man who never went a day without saying goodnight to me. "Sweet tights a dreams, see you in the morning, I love you." This is a man who had a plethora of tea parties with me in my younger years. This is a man who would call me while I was in class just because he heard a ambulance headed to my high school and he wanted to make sure I was alright. And he wasn't just like this with me, he was like this with my three brothers too, minus the tea parties.

My dad loved my mom and his children so much. He would have done anything for us and I am so so grateful to have had a dad like this because I know that not everyone gets that lucky. My mom, who is my best friend, has lost her best friend and that breaks my heart. But I know how much he loved my mom. The week he passed I didn't leave my mom's side. One day I was next to her while she was looking in the mirror. She said something along the lines of, "I'm ugly...but daddy always thought I was beautiful. That's all I ever wanted for you baby girl." My dad truly told my mom that every single day. He loved her so much and my dad maintained that love through out their marriage.

I have attained a lot of qualities from my dad, but my favorites are this: being able to be friends with anyone, being a child at heart, and having an imagination that can put Walt Disney to shame. My dad was loved by everyone who came into his presence. He was such a joy and a light in this world and I can only hope to have a little bit of that. He was also a big child at heart. One of his favorite movies was "The Incredibles" and I can still remember being able to hear him watch it from my bedroom. And as far as his imagination, well I want you to think about this, every time you pick up a RIDGID or RYOBI Drill or get a Coke out of a vending machine, you should think about my dad. The industrial designer that has worked on those things to make them better, more efficient, and nicer to look at too.

My dad is everywhere to me. He is here in Auburn. He is in every Disney and Pixar movie. He is in the headboard he made me and the Auburn hat he gave me. He is in my heart and soul and I will never forget him. I will always love you daddy.

 Happy Birthday!