Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Meditating is something that can really help those that really need to stop a breath a second. It makes those moments when you do have trouble breathing a lot easier when you set aside a time to just breath and think about all the good things you have in you life.

When I meditate, I like to read the Bible and then just ponder that when I meditate. I just like to sit and focus on breathing and really try to take in all the things God has shown me through the passage I read as well as the the good things in my life. Remember that part in "White Christmas" where Bing is singing about  "count your blessings instead of sheep"? That is the truth.

Just breath, light a candle, plug in some twinkle lights, make a calming environment, and take in all your blessings. Meditation is really easy and you can do it anywhere. Whenever you feel a little stressed just take a second close your eyes and breath, unless your in the car. In that case just breath!
I hope this helped you in some way!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Recognize that you are Beautiful

It's hard for me to see the beauty in myself and I know that this is a common thing for girls in general. We are our worst critic and for me it's not a false modesty. I don't say these things to have people correct me, I just truly believe it. But to avoid that accusation, I generally try not to say anything. I have decided to try and see the beauty in me. I think that it is important for your outward confidence and I think it is something I need to work on.

Beauty comes from not just your face or body, but also your personality so do something. 1)Forget every negative thing you have ever thought about yourself. 2)Now look in the mirror. 3)Look at yourself with fresh eyes. 4)Find things you like about yourself. 5)Tell yourself what you find. (You don't have to say these out loud if that will make you uncomfortable.)

Knowing your beauty is so much more than having people give you compliments. You have to be able to see it yourself and I know that no one wants to recognize their good traits out of fear of being arrogant or cocky, but there is a difference between cockiness and confidence. Confidence is being able to recognize that you deserve good things and possess good traits, but cockiness is feeling the need to remind everyone around you of that. There is a fine line so be careful.

Realize your beauty and know your strengths. You deserve it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

La La Land: Review

Last weekend I had the privilege of seeing "La La Land" with a few of my friends. This is my review of the critically acclaimed film.

First this story is the age old, try-to-make-it-in-Hollywood story, however it is done in a modernly classic way. "La La Land" was written and directed by Damien Chazelle. It stars Emma Stone as a Hollywood barista who goes on audition after audition trying to make it as an actress. Her male lead is Ryan Gosling as a jazz pianist who just wan't play what he wants and when he wants as jazz is meant to be played. After bumping into each other through many different occasions they begin a friendship that would soon turn into, yep you guessed it, a romance. They learn and they grow. I won't give too much away, but this film is truly a nod to the classics. They mention a few of my favorite oldies throughout the film and the music is just as star-shining as the story.

From a variety of composers, the original music for the film was composed by Justin Hurwitz. It is all so reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood and all its glory. Overall the cinematography was beautiful. there were a few scenes that I questioned but they were almost always connected to a scene that was over the top. On of the most gorgeous scenes I have ever seen was the scene that featured a silhouette of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone dancing over a blue and purple starry sky. I absolutely loved this scene, though when it first started it made me wonder why.

I would recommend this movie to any true movie, musical, and Hollywood fan. If you like the oldies or if you just like movies in general, I think you will be pleasantly surprised with this film. It wasn't what I expected but I do believe it deserves all the praise it gets. I give this movie 4.5 stars.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Post Workout Yoga

Stretching after a workout is one of the best things you can do for your body. It helps your body recuperate and cool down in a gentle and relaxing way. I like to turn it into a kind of a Post-Workout-Yoga. I don't know yoga as well as I would like to, but I just stretch like I normally would with the yoga station on Pandora and try to slow down my breathing. It is a great way to end a workout and be relaxed all day.

Don't forget the most relaxing and easiest yoga poses: Downward Dog & Cobra
(Do these last)

Stretch all the muscles you worked.

Meditate: Breath and Relax.