Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Downsizing your Packing

I love traveling and with Spring Break coming up, I though it only necessary to try and find solutions for something I know I struggle with when it comes to packing. I tend to over pack. I like to be prepared and then I end up not wearing half of  the items I brought. So I have developed a list of tips to help with your packing!

These tips are as follows:

1) Mix and Match- I know you don't want to wear things twice but here's the thing. You're on vacation. There are somethings you can get away with in order to save space. Example: Wear workout clothes on your travel days and then re-wear them when you actually workout. No one will know and you're working out, you'll be gross anyway.

2) Pack Flats- I know that you will need some heels and some clunkier shoes, but try to pack skinny sandals when you can and bring versatile shoes that go with multiple things.

3) Clean Out Toiletries- Make sure you aren't bringing anything you don't need, or is expired, or is just extra. At one point I remember looking in my toiletry bag and I had my travel shampoo along with two complimentary shampoos from two different trips.

4) Invest in Organizing- I recently bought a new travel make-up bag because I have a case. It's large and full of all my make-up because I love make-up so so much! However, I don't need to take that on a cruise ship with me. So I bought a decent sized make-up bag from amazon and I and excited to only take what I know I will wear with the outfits I am bringing.

So these are things I am going to try for my trip this year and I can't wait to see how it works. Thank you all for reading and I hoped this helped you in some way!