Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Taking Care of your Make-Up Brushes

Hello there! So one of my favorite things in the world is make-up. I love it so so much and I have learned a lot about it in the last few years. One thing I have learned is to take care of your make-up tools.

Your brushes are very important and after a while, they need to be cleaned. Cleaning your brushes should happen way more often than you think and than I normally do. I have always heard after ten days. If you don't know how to clean I can teach you.

First, grab all the dirty brushes, make-up blenders, eye brushes, etc.

Take a dry paper towel and lay it out. You'll place your brushes there after you initially clean them.

Get another paper towel. Now, they make brush cleaner, but you can also use make-up remover or just plain soap. Wet it with whatever cleaner you have decided to use and make sure you use water if you use soap.

Take your brushes and lightly brush the wet paper towel. Keep going until the brush runs clean. Sometimes you may have to run them under a faucet to get the soap completely out. That's okay, it shouldn't happen too often but it won't hurt the brushes once and a while. Oh and your paper towel will be a completely different color. It happens.

After all your brushes have been clean and laying out on the dry paper towel pick them up and brush them against your skin to get their fluff and shape back a little bit. Then place them upright in a cup and let them dry so they dry in their shape.

After that, you're done! You have successfully cleaned your make-up brushes. Try and keep up with it and you will be a pro at taking care of them. Let me know what you thought in the comments below and have a wonderful day.