Thursday, May 18, 2017

Eye Shadow Basics

The keys to remember when you are doing you eye make-up is that it's a similar concept to contouring. You want your crease to be darker than the rest of your eye lid.

You can do an easy eye look with just three colors and of course some eyeliner(both a liquid and a water liner), and mascara. Below is my model......yes I drew it because I decided my eyelid looked funny.

You'll need two matte colors one to be two-four shades darker than the other. One light sparkle for highlighting. A key palette to have for eyes is something similar to a Naked palette. They are such good neutral and good quality shades for any eye look. You can go from Natural to Smokey in 12 shades.
Where to Accent
Neutralize the whole lid from top lash line to brow. Shade #1. This lighter shade will also help in highlighting the brow bone and the corner of your eye.

Contour the crease. Make almost a c-shape with crease and your lash line. Shade #4. If you go under you bottom lash like with this shade, it will help make it look more smokey.

Highlight the top(middle) of the lid. Shade #3. Just place it mostly in the middle of your lid but then blend it across your whole lid.

Final Touches
Eye-liner. Line anyway you want or not at all on the top lid and do the same for the bottom water line. (Ignore my awful drawing of a winged eyeliner.)

Mascara. Do a couple of layers of mascara on the top lash line to make your lashes look full without falsies. You can also do the bottom lashes but I don't do them myself.

All in all, make-up comes down to one thing. Do what you feel comfortable and beautiful with and know that you are beautiful regardless........but we all know make-up is fun.