Monday, June 19, 2017

A Word with Liu Miao

So this week I made a new friend on the blogging circuit. Her name is Liu Miao and she is the owner of the blog A Word with Liu Miao.

I learned a lot about Liu Miao through a virtual interview we shared with each other. Take a look at what inspires her to blog and more:

Moonie-Mag Malan: Why did you start blogging?
A Word with Liu Miao: I wanted a creative outlet when I started college.  I also love helping people by giving advice.

MM: What inspires your posts?
LM: College inspires a lot of my posts. Being a spoonie and adoption are other topics that I love to write about.

MM: What are some of your goals for the future? (This can be for your blog or just in life or both)
LM: I want to be a child life specialist. they help children cope with being in the hospital. I would love to be published in an academic journal or have a book published

MM: What advice would you give a blogger whose starting out?
LM: Write about something you are passionate about. If you don't like something, you won't be motivated to write about it.

MM: What are some of your favorite things to do for fun?
LM: I love to hangout with friends, write, hand lettering, eat, and watch YouTube/Netflix.

MM: What places would you like to visit?
LM: New Zealand, China, and Australia are some places that I want to visit.

MM: Who do you look up to?
LM: My parents are people that I look up to.

MM: What is your biggest accomplishment?
LM: Making Dean’s list ¾ semesters of college.

Liu Miao's blog is very insightful to things that everyone should know. Down below I have linked a few of my favorite posts of hers:

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Go take a look at A Word with Liu Miao! She's a great blogger and it was so fun getting to know her! Thanks for reading!