Monday, June 5, 2017

How-to Cut a Watermelon

So I have tried many times to cut a watermelon and all the pieces end up looking very odd. So, this time I had a plan going in and the pieces turned out pretty decent. I took pictures along the way just in case I felt it was good enough for all of you to see and I think you'll at least get the idea of how to cut a watermelon. So here we go!

Cut it in Halves Long Ways

Cut One-Half in Halves again Long Ways

Cut about 1-inch slices Short Ways

Cut those right down the Middle

Here's my plate. This was only One-Half, so I put tin foil over the rest of the watermelon and put that back in the fridge for later. For any bits you didn't want to waste but aren't really the classic triangle, I would cut them into squares and throw them in the middle of your plate.