Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July Wreath

Happy Fourth of July Everyone! So to celebrate this Fourth of July I made a wreath to display on our front door. This was really fun to make and pretty easy. Here's what I did. Here are your Supplies! You will also need a hot glue gun!

To Start: Take the wreath circle, pipe cleaners, and whatever you are using as your base.

Wreath Base: Tie the end to the circle with a pipe cleaner, take a foot of the red, pinch it, and tie it about two inches from each pipe cleaner. Repeat until the whole circle is covered and do another layer if needed.

Blue Ribbon: Layer the blue ribbon twice around the wreath. Glue on every other pipe cleaner.

White Ribbon: Layer the white once around in the same way you did the blue.

The Bow: To make the bow, fold diagonally and glue each layer in the middle. I did four on each side but you can do as many as you need. Then glue a star in the middle and glue it on your wreath wherever you like.

U.S.A: Paint your U.S.A letters white and then glue them and the stars where ever you like. I made them work together but you could also separate the stars around the wreath.
Finished Product