Monday, July 17, 2017

5 Unspoken Rules of a Sorority Girl

Joining a sorority is something that can change your life. In my case, it changed for the better as I was introduced to these girls. I was also introduced to some unspoken rules that sorority girls seem to share no matter the sorority.

1. Greetings: When you see a sorority sister you say, with a genuine smile, something along the lines of:
"Hey sweet girl.", "Hey girl.", "Hello gorgeous." 

2. Wardrobe: When you get a t-shirt at chapter, you wear it the next day.

3. Shopping: When you have a themed social, you go to the thrift store.

4. Get-Togethers: When you get together with your sisters, there better be cookie dough.

5. Gameday: Dress your best for football games.

BONUS: Wear your letters with PRIDE!