Monday, July 24, 2017

Finding Dory Birthday Party

Recently, my nephew turned 1. This little boy loves finding Dory so we threw him a Finding Dory pool party. Here are some tips that we did for you to throw your own Finding Dory birthday party.

Make it a Pool Party.

Have some Outside Games.

Get a Dory Beach Ball or two.

Decorate with Dory. (we also found this adorable age chart for pictures for each month)

Get Balloons.

Have Fishy themed Sandwiches. (Sea cucumber, peanut butter and jellyfish, and tuna fish)

Have a Fish Bar. (gold fish, gold fish pretzels, gold fish brownie bites, finding Nemo cookies, and fish gummies)

Cut a Watermelon into a Shark.

Have a Kid Drink and an Adult Drink. (Marlin's super sweet lemonade and Dory's forgetful juice ;) 

Put your Cupcakes in the shape of a Fish.

Make a Fishy Smash Cake.

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